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To be leading innovative culinary business group that consistently prioritizes local needs and demands as well as creates long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the community.



Building culinary businesses that adheres to all government regulations, from licensing to taxation
Setting the quality, taste and cleanliness as the top priorities to make sure all products are safe to eat
Providing customers with an entire dining experience that exceeds their expectations on every visit
Ensuring customer satisfaction by providing excellent service and presenting great atmosphere
Committing to achieve profitable and sustainable growth for Company's Shareholders
Giving exceptional career growth opportunities to keep all team members motivated and enthusiastic


We want to Go Public (IPO) after 12 months of operating. For the preparations, our company is committed to apply the core principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG): fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility in order to elude misunderstandings and conflicts of interests.
We aspire to make an innovative breakthrough in leadership and local economic development through the synergy of government, community and stakeholder so that the society's economy is highly competitive.
We aim to build a sustainable community and share benefits to local people.