Growing Business Together

After mastering the culinary industry with their own brands, the 17 Founders decide to build a sustainable partnership in the midst of ongoing business competition. A powerful, thriving collaboration is manifested in our new company that offers a series of culinary business concepts dedicated to fulfill local needs and demands, Mannara Group. Local but global. Preserving integrity but staying creative.

With an ultimate goal to Go Public (IPO) after 12 months of operating, our company is committed to apply the core principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG): fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility in order to elude misunderstandings and conflicts of interests.
Also, we aspire to make an innovative breakthrough in leadership and local economic development through the synergy of government, community and stakeholder so that the society's economy is highly competitive.

Proud to present Gue Mannara, we aim to build a sustainable community and share benefits to local people. This is more than just a membership, it’s an opportunity to grow, learn and join a flourishing economy, especially in culinary industry.




Why Join Us?More than just a membership, it's learning culinary business from the Master

Experienced Founders

Having over 10 years of experience in culinary business, the 17 Founders decide to put aside the competition and collaborate in a new business concept.

Diverse Background

Despite running different business types, we embrace the diversity and bring together a range of expertise to meet the company development strategy.

New Upcoming Projects

Presenting contemporary business concepts that prioritizes local needs, the new 9 culinary businesses will definitely be favourite go-to destination.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."
- Henry Ford

Our Company ValuesParts of our DNA that define who we are


A key pillar for Mannara's success achieved by prioritizing transparency, fostering healthy workplace and creating an open environment, where everyone may express their thoughts freely.


Mannara's fuel to constantly improve the innovations, increase the outcomes and grow the business to new levels. Formed by a strong relationship among founders, investors, teams and customers.


A top priority of Mannara Group's development strategy. We focus on balancing economic, environmental and social factors in order to keep the company alive in this Millennial era.


The primary strategy to attract local target audiences by providing globally marketed products. To achieve success, we attempt to harmonize both the global outlook and the local considerations.


Mannara's core essence in developing the business concept. This value obliges us to comply with Indonesia's regulations along with the implementation of Good Corporate Governance principles.


An essential ingredient that sets Mannara Group apart from another company. From the products to marketing strategies, we design our own patterns as the driving force behind our innovation.

Our Board of Advisors

Over 27000 People Says

Starting from Rp1.800.000

You can have restaurants and be part of Mannara Group Family.
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